The Way of Water 2022 - Social Media Avatars

The Way of Water 2022 - Social Media Avatars

If your brand is using social media to connect and reach customers, then here are some basic tips and tricks that will help you more effectively reach people on your platform of choice.

The Different Social Media Platforms

Each social media platform has different rules and modes of operation that make a brand more or less suitable for that platform. For example it might be hard to market a B2B company using a facebook page, but targeted tweets on twitter might be a more effective way of reaching your potential customers.

Here is a list of social media platforms that are most commonly used in digital advertising.

Platform Market Suitability PPC
Facebook Consumer, Political, Charitable
Twitter Political, B2B
Instagram Consumer
Reddit Consumer, Charitable, Political, B2B
TikTok Consumer
Snapchat Consumer
Youtube Consumer, Political, B2B


Brands & Avatars

Each platform has systems implemented to help publish your brand identity. I like to refer to this as each platforms "avatar" system.  An avatar is a visual representation of your brand online. For example, Facebook pages get a profile photo and a cover photo. Twitter gets a profile picture and a header photo as well as a few pieces of front facing metadata about your twitter like the age of your account, a link to your website and your general location.

If you want to have a successful brand online, I recommend you focus on avatar first. Below is a list of each platforms avatar resources and their respective sizes so that you can make them for yourself.


Business Page Profile Picture 180x180
Cover Photo 820x312
Shared Image 1200x630
Shared Link 1200x638
Event Image 1920x1005

Fundraiser Image




Profile Photo 400x400
Header Photo 1500x500



Profile Picture 110x110
Photo Thumbnails 161x161
Photo Size 1080x1080



 Profile Image 200x200



Channel Profile Image 800x800
Channel Cover Photo 2048x1152


Now that you have focused on building your profile and your page out your brands avatar is properly represented on your platform or platforms of choice, here are three things that you can try next.

Identify Similar Users & Brands

Follow users & brands with which your brand aligns and identifies with. Just being a part of the conversation on a platform like twitter or reddit is vital to seeing success online. Identify your competition online and take note of what kinds of content they post, how they interact with their customers, how they change that interaction from platform to platform. This will go a long way in helping build your overall brand strategy.

Everything is about Content, Go Create some!

Infographics; Blog Posts; Videos; Memes and News Articles, anything you can get published online is like virtual real estate that you can claim for your brand. Don't chase virality, trying to go viral usually has the opposite effect. If you really want your content to get seen, aim to create relatable content and always ask your audience to help share your content and "beat the algorithm".

Pay Attention to the Numbers and Keep Engaged

Make sure that your website has the latest Google Analytics installed (GA4) in order to best track your acquisition of traffic. Pay attention to your brands content analytics on social media. If you notice a particular video getting a lot of comments, go and reply to the comments. I cannot stress this enough try your best to reply to each and every comment this in turn will increase your engagement which will help you get more reach which will help you get views which will turn into more comments and become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Now that you have been armed with some of the basics, try it out let us know in the comments if any of these tips worked out for you, put your brand in the comments too as I will be following my own tips and replying, you might even get a follow.

Remember don't get jacked, GET PUMPED!




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